Rick Keeling

"A man before his time but a giant in the time he was in" (aj)

Rick was a gentle unobtrusive soul. He exuded peace and tranquility, we were too young to notice at the time. We just tried to run a folk club, Rick just tried to be himself. Star? what is a star on the folk scene? Looking back Rick was as big a star as I have ever known. While we were struggling to run the club there was always Rick, no fuss, no bother, never, ever, the ego trip. Rick started Guitar classes for an hour or so before clubnight. How many of his pupils are still playing I wonder. I know they will always remember the time he spent with them and the care he showed. In the early days of Forest Tracks we released a cassette of Rick's songs. Accompanied by Roger Moss (where is Roger now?) it was a bold venture into the world of folk that wasn't always ready to accept the contemporary. Moe fool them I said at the time, and even more so now. Rick's songs heve more than stood the test of time --- they have become timeless.

Listen to 'Monday Morning' and deny that's how you have often felt - listen to 'Fawley Flame' and deny the sybolism - listen to 'Cutting down the Trees' and say it isn't today !!

Now listen to 'Lymington Round and Round' and not weep. (Be patient --it is worth it !! )